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Are you struggling with your weight due to Covid 19 pandemic?

By Paula Bendon

Hypnotherapy can help you loose weight simply and safely

In these very difficult times many people are really struggle to maintain a healthy weight and often find they are comfort eating, eating due to boredom, or are so worried and anxious are eating to suppress the worry. You are not alone many people are suffering quietly at home, but as we hopefully see restrictions lifted the harsh reality of meeting people especially if you’ve gained weight can be overwhelming, it can affect how you feel about yourself and gives you low self-esteem. An easy way to lose weight is to use hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is especially effective for weight loss, it’s a safe, simple and easy way to lose weight and to maintain your ideal weight. People struggle with their weight due to so many different reasons. Often, we overeat, but we may not know why, some people comfort eat, others eat when they are stressed, unhappy, angry, depressed, anxious, lonely, bored, frustrated or happy. Many people know how to lose weight by eating less, eating healthier foods and doing more exercise, but putting that into action is not always easy, if it was, we would all just do it, losing weight can be one of the hardest things to do. The difficulty often lies in making the change to our eating habits, often we have all good intentions in the morning only to fail in the evening, or do the classic yo-yo diet. Hypnotherapy allows you to deal with this self-sabotage loop that are getting in the way of you losing weight and to stop the vicious cycle of overeating and lack of exercise. Hypnosis teaches your mind to change your eating habits unhelpful thinking patterns associated with food and emotions. It allows you to tap into your unconscious mind: acknowledge and change that behaviour and replace it with positive affective behaviours. It teaches you to take control of your eating habits. Control is about strength, flexibility and recognising that you can and you will be able to control your weight. Key to this programme is positive visualisation, developing a strong sense of self, realising your full capacity, increasing your self-esteem and learning to give yourself love and kindness. Mindfulness is also central to this programme. Using mindfulness meditation at home, we will reinforce the powerful state of awakening your senses. So stop beating yourself up about your weight and adopt a simple and easy approach to weight loss using hypnotherapy and change your habits for a life time.

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